Savory Ingredients

Umami Boosting & Koku Enrichment

Knowing the synergy of used ingredients, Kohjin® uses the strength of their unique yeast extracts to bring out the best in your product. This enables you to keep the costs low and bring out the optimum umami taste in your application. Koku, a term originating from Japan, is slowly becoming popular around the world as a flavour descriptor. Koku is a key concept to achieve total deliciousness in a wide variety of food, however, it’s not easy to explain. Koku is defined as a well-balanced taste profile which consists of complexity, mouth-fullness and lingering tastes and aromas.

Japanese style ramen broth

The combination of Ajitop™ and Aromild™ have a synergistic effect and deliver a well-balanced umami taste from the front to the end.

The taste profile of this combination is very natural and bring out the complexity of tastes in the broth.
Typical dosage 0.05-0.1% as total of yeast extracts

Intense front taste

Lift up in middle taste

Long Lasting taste

Taste modulator
Enhance Milk Fattiness
Improve Sweetness
Enrich Creaminess
Mask Off flavours

Umami Boosting

Kohjin® Yeast extracts are very suitable to boost umami taste. Nowadays product developers are challenged to keep the costs low and develop a product with a high impact. Knowing the synergy with the ingredients in your seasoning we can use the possibilities and strength of the Kohjin® yeast extracts to bring out the best in your product.

Dutch style paprika crisps

The combination of Ajitop™ and Aromild™ have a synergistic effect together and deliver a well-balanced umami from the front taste to the end.

The taste profile of this combination is very natural and brings out the variety of tastes applied on the crisps.
Typical dosage for dry applications 0.1-0.2% as total of yeast extracts

Salt reduction

Up to 30% of salt reduction can be achieved by only using Kohjin® yeast extracts which compensate for the taste gap by adding umami and body. In this application we reduced up to 40% of sodium and added Ajirex™ to enhance the salty taste and at the same time improves the taste of the gravy by adding body and umami. Ajirex™NH helps to mask the bitter and metallic side taste of potassium chloride.

English style beef gravy

Ajirex™ enhances salty taste, umami, body and basic flavour profile of the key ingredients such as the beef extract and onion powder. This compensates for the lack of taste experienced when reducing salt.

Ajirex™NH reduces the bitter and metallic aftertaste when using KCL in low sodium formulations In this application the combination of Ajirex™ and Ajirex™NH have a good synergy.

We have a lot of experience with a good synergistic effect of Aromild™ or Ajirex™ and Ajitop™ and Ajirex™NH to achieve a drastic sodium reduction without compromising on taste in a wide variety of applications.

Typical dosage 0.05-0.1% as total of yeast extracts

Protein masking

The industry is looking for different sources of proteins, whether it is to substitute animal protein, for recovering from a medical situation, for elderly people or for recovery after sports. These protein sources bring their own taste, but that is not always the desired taste. Sports drinks often have high intensity sweeteners on top to mask the bitterness with sweetness, but high intensity sweeteners also have a bitter and metallic aftertaste which is then masked with flavourings making the total taste a bit too strong for sensitive tongues.

Simple protein drink for after a workout

Various masking effects of Ajirex™NH

Ajirex™NH can help you mask the unwanted flavour and side taste of the protein as well as the high intensity sweetener and give you a nice clean taste as a base to start flavouring.

Whether you are talking of sports nutrition, flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan applications, taste is key in developing a product that your customer wants to consume and buy again.

Typical dosage 0.1-0.2%

Sugar reduction & colour enhancement

The demand for low sugar applications in the beverages and dessert industry is increasing. Sugar alternatives like high intensity sweeteners have the disadvantage of lack of mouthfeel and often have a side taste. Ajirex™NH gives body back to your application and masks the side taste of HIS.

Anthocyanins are colourants found in fresh fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, grapes, red onions, red cabbage and black carrot. Unfortunately they are sensitive for e.g. vitamin C, daylight and heat treatment. Ajirex™NH stabilizes the anthocyanin molecules and makes the colour more vivid and stabilizes it during heat treatment and/or storage.

Sugar reduced strawberry drink

This strawberry drink application shows you that Ajirex™NH mimics the mouthfeel and body of regular sugar and improves the sweetness.

• suppresses off flavour of stevia and reduces the long aftertaste
• enhances the strawberry taste and overall flavour
• enhances the vivid colour of anthocyanins

Typical dosage 0.05-0.2%